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Town Planning

HDB Town Planning & Design is engaged by governments and private developers seeking added value.  Our impressive portfolio is built on a foundation of cost-effective solutions delivered by our strong team of multi-skilled consultants.

Expert Town Planning Services

At HDB, our framework of expert evaluation and experience allows us to work closely with private developers and governments to provide these services:

  • Preliminary Advice.
  • Feasibility & Due Diligence
  • Site Assessments
  • Rezoning Applications and planning proposals
  • Development Applications
  • Development Control Plans
  • Expert advice in Legal Proceedings
  • Subdivisions layout (urban design)
  • Planning Studies & Strategies SEE’s, EIS, state significant, LES
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Negotiation
  • project coordination



Development Approval process

The development approval process is highly regulated, with overlapping legislative requirements that demand consideration at the federal, state, and local government levels.

Early oversight from HDB reduces your project’s legislative burden, resulting in increased certainty and reduced costs.

Our specialised team will guide you through the maze of approvals to add value to your project’s bottom line.

Initial Site Assessment within 48 Hours

HDB provides initial site assessments within 48 hours. Our team of planners, designers, and engineers will swiftly outline initial constraints and opportunities pertaining to your site so you can quickly make informed decisions.

Social & Strategic Planning

HDB is equipped to manage development projects from the outset. Our multidisciplinary team can undertake community and stakeholder consultation before conceptualising and delivering plans that contemplate the needs of all parties.

Social & Strategic Planning

HDB Town Planning & Design prepares land development plans that work hard for your dollar and add value for your constituents. Governments benefit from our strong focus on relationship management, which is bolstered by our streamlined internal processes and reputation for excellence and innovation.

HDB considers both the government statutory requirements and the market forces that act upon that framework. In doing so, we produce some practical and achievable and end products.

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Court Services & General Advocacy

Our senior staff appear as expert witnesses for governments and private clients in the Land and Environment Court of New South Wales.

The court services we provide are:

  • General planning advice
  • Expert Witness representation in the Land and Environment Court
  • Section 34 Conciliation
  • Statements of Facts and Contentions
  • Joint Conference Reports
  • Provision of professional advice to legal teams
  • Attendance at meetings and group site inspections