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Urban Design

HDB provides cost-effective urban design outcomes through good design and an appreciation of providing quality community spaces that enhance liveability. From small subdivisions to new towns, HDB balances sound urban design outcomes with the feasibility of the projects.

Intelligent Urban Design Services

HDB’s reputation is built on our ability to visualise the final concept and convey that vision to you and the community you’re building. We create healthy neighbourhoods that promote wellbeing, while facilitating economic and social growth – all within the context of the broader economic framework.

Our flexible service structure, expansive in-house and aligned professional experience allow us to offer the following urban design services:

  • Structure planning
  • Subdivision Design
  • Structure Plans/ Master Plans
  • 3D Modelling
  • Photomontages
  • Concept Visualisations
  • Integrated Transport Planning
  • Planning for Infrastructure
  • Planning Incorporating Environmental, Heritage & Cultural Values


Interfacing Infrastructure & Public Amenity

The multi-disciplinary team at HDB is adept at balancing the complex and competing demands in the pursuit of placemaking principles throughout New South Wales. By leveraging our understanding of the principles of urban design, town planning and engineering, we create synergistic spaces that contemplate all economic, social, and environmental outcomes.

Urban Revitalisation Projects

Urban revitalisation ensures the appearance of your community matches its identity. It delivers better public services while promoting social and economic growth and ecological health.

Your community revitalisation project will benefit from a knowledgeable team with interdisciplinary experience and skills. HDB’s flexible structure and breadth and depth of experience mean we offer beautiful, workable, streamlined solutions at a cost-effective pricing point.

High-Performing Developments

Much like the spaces we design, our in-house processes never stagnate. HDB constantly strives for betterment: internally, educationally, and in terms of the communities we create.

Through the intelligent investment in better technologies and furthering the experience and training of our staff, HDB works in line with governmental policies for public spaces while pushing boundaries within the private sector.